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The Margaret Reidpath Foster Fund

Born January 31, 1930, Margaret was the daughter of Dorothy (Martin) Foster and James Foster, granddaughter of Isabelle Reidpath and Darwin D. Martin, and a summer inhabitant of Graycliff during her youth. Margaret’s memories of her time at Graycliff, which she described as “a place of dappled sunshine, abundant flowers, refreshing breezes, and general well being,” remained vivid through her final days.

The Margaret Reidpath Foster Fund was created after Margaret’s death in 2021 to support Graycliff’s historic gardens and grounds, which she so loved. The memorial fund will support the care, maintenance, and further restoration of Graycliff’s natural assets including the restored historic picking border, originally designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman, and the sunken gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design that produced the incredible flowers that colored Margaret’s childhood on the property.

Feel free to contact us if your employer provides matching gifts, you have any questions, or you’d like to help in another way. We’ll be happy (and grateful) to help.

Our gifts can last beyond our lifetimes, and one way to do so is through Graycliff’s Isabelle R. Martin Society. As a member of the Society, your gift made through estate planning will allow you to join a select group of individuals who are committed to helping the Graycliff Conservancy to preserve and restore the Graycliff Estate through the years to come. Your contribution will provide an enduring legacy and will ensure Graycliff’s continued success. Please help assure Graycliff’s future by making your estate plans today.

Anyone can leave a legacy as a member of the Isabelle R. Martin Society. Meaningful donations can come from anyone, not just the very wealthy, and in any size. Members of the Society, regardless of means, include charitable requests when they draw up a will.

Some Society members specify a certain dollar amount to leave to Graycliff, and others leave a percentage of their estate or a specific asset. In addition to leaving money, you can leave such things as personal property, real estate, life insurance, retirement funds, stocks, bonds, or part or all of an IRA.

The decision to tell us that you have included the Graycliff Conservancy, Inc., in your will and membership in the Isabelle R. Martin Society are up to you. But we’d like to know so that we can express our appreciation to you during your lifetime through Society events and offerings. This summer, we are planning the first gathering of the Society with a relaxing, enjoyable evening at Graycliff.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in learning more about leaving a legacy to Graycliff.


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