Can I take photos?

Photos can be taken on site within the guidelines outlined by your tour docent.

Do you provide discounted tickets?

Graycliff does offer a discount for children and students through age 22. Tours are offered free to members of Graycliff members also receive a discount in the gift shop.

Are strollers allowed on tour?

Strollers are allowed on the grounds, but not in the Visitor Center or the historic houses.

Where does the tour begin?

Graycliff tours begin at the Visitor Center located adjacent to the parking area. Guests are asked to check in at the Visitor Center upon arrival and join their docent-led group for the tour of Graycliff.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Advance reservations and payment are required for all Graycliff docent-led tours. Walk-in visitors may register and pay onsite if the tour is not sold out or may opt for a self-guided tour on the grounds.

How much walking is involved in the tour? Is there a chance to sit down?

The tour at Graycliff covers all three acres of the home grounds, so there is considerable walking, including ascending a flight of stairs for access to the second floor of the houses. The tours have several chairs at each inside stop.

Where do I park?

A parking area is located just outside the Visitor Center with two designated handicap parking spots.

Can I take a non-guided tour of Graycliff?

Self-guided tours of the grounds at Graycliff for which reservations are not required are coming soon. Information and instructions are provided at the Visitor Center.

How does Graycliff accommodate mobility limitations?

The first floor of the Isabelle Martin House, the main house at Graycliff, is wheelchair accessible and our golf cart may be requested for those who may need mobility assistance.  To reserve the golf cart for a tour, e-mail tours@graycliffestate.org or call (716) 947-9217.

Do you have a restaurant on-site?

There is no food service available on site, but we encourage guests to picnic at our Visitor Center outdoor tables as weather permits, and local restaurants are available within a five minute drive.

Do you have wheelchairs available for use?

Graycliff does not furnish wheelchairs but does offer mobility assistance with the golf cart.

Do you have to be on a tour to enter the gift shop?

The Graycliff Gift Shop is located within the Visitor Center and is open on days the site is open from 10 am to 4 pm. Visitors do not need to take a tour to buy items in the shop.

How early should I arrive for my tour?

Many visitors enjoy browsing the gift shop and archival photos and panels for a few minutes prior to the tour, so please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.

Does Graycliff offer programming for K-12 aged students?

Graycliff has developed three inquiry topics linked to the 8th grade standards that can be led by Graycliff artists and facilitators in a three-session format.  For more information or to schedule, please e-mail director@graycliffestate.org or call (716) 544-7320.

 Graycliff Social Studies Projects

1)      Social Mobility and the American Dream

Key Ideas and Curriculum Alignment:  8.2 A CHANGING SOCIETY (Industrialization, Immigration, and Progressivism) 8.2b – Economic forces that shaped the lives of people.

Standards 1,4,5.  Themes:  ID, MOV, TCC, SOC, ECO.  Practices:  A,C, E, F.


·         How did Darwin Martin fit the Horatio Alger model of the self-made man?

·         In what ways does the concept of the self-made man line up with the idea of the American Dream?

·         Is it possible today for a young person to become a self-made man like Darwin Martin a century ago?

Tasks:  Discussion, Essay


Darwin Martin biography

Darwin Martin diary and correspondence

Horatio Alger and self-made man stories/articles/commentary

American Dream definition and commentary

Social mobility analysis and commentary


2)      The Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and Coping with Loss

Key ideas and Curriculum Alignment:  8.4  WWI and THE ROARING TWENTIES; 8.5 THE GREAT DEPRESSION.  Economic prosperity and economic disaster.

Standards:  1,4,5     Themes:  ID, TCC, SOC, ECO      Practices:  A,C,E,F


·         How did Darwin Martin and his family cope with the loss of their money in the great stock market crash of 1929?

·         How do others who have faced big losses, financial or personal, cope?

·         What are the best ways to build and strengthen coping skills and resilience in young people?

Tasks:  Discussion, Essay


Darwin Martin biography

Darwin Martin diary and correspondence

Coping and resilience articles

Angela Duckworth, Grit


3)       The Role of Friendship and Relationships in Different Eras

 Key ideas and Curriculum Alignment:  8.4  WWI and THE ROARING TWENTIES; 8.5 THE GREAT DEPRESSION.  Economic prosperity and economic disaster.

Standards:  3,6,9    Themes:  ID, TCC, SOC   Practices:  A,B,C


·         Darwin Martin and Frank Lloyd Wright maintained a friendship for over 30 years.  How did they do it?

·         What did Wright get out of the relationship?

·         What did Martin get out of the relationship?

·         Does each friend have to get something from a relationship for it to succeed?

·         What do best friends have the right to expect of each other?

·         Do friendships form and maintain themselves any differently today?  Why?

Tasks:  Discussion, Essay

Sources:  Wright / Martin correspondence

                  Martin diary  

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